Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

        Please read to understand the privacy policy before register as a membership to access services in HiBalanz Co., Ltd. We foresee the importance of customer’s privacy as priority. So, we need to collect information and usage of data to be able to identify each individual and we will do our best to keep your data as confidential.

        Privacy policy explains about how to keep data and usage in which the policy will express the method of usage with personal data and data disclosure (in some cases). During exploring on our company website, you will be in an anonymous and unable to identify your identity until you register as a user and logged on our website system with your user account and your own password.  


        1. User profile

        We will collect data such as name, surname, address, email, phone number, and other basic information from your registration to be a member of using services on Hibalanz website. Also, you will have all the right to use services on the website including receiving news and benefits, and participating in various promotional activities on the website.

        Therefore, you will need to keep data that use to access the system and personal data in user account as undisclosed. Do not allow any data disclosure to any outsider. We cannot responsible for any damage that will happen to a suspicious system authentication if the damage does not cause from us.


       2. Securing your personal information

        Our company will secure all your personal information and keep it in our archives. Also, there will be no selling or disclosure your information for outsider. Your personal information will be disclosure only inside the organization for operation.


         3. Disclosure of personal information

        Our company will not disclosure any personal information will keep it safe. Unless, if it is necessary to disclosure we will always notify you for your permission.


        4. Change of privacy policy

        Hibalanz Company Limited might modify or edit privacy policy and every modification the information will appear on our website.


        5. Contact

        If you have any enquires, want to inquire about privacy policy or do not satisfy with privacy policy rights, please contact or make a complaint on contact us page.