Terms and Conditions hibalanz

Terms and Conditions

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. request for any user to read this terms and condition thoroughly. If user deny or not accept this terms and condition, please avoid or do not enter this website. If user enter or view an information in the website, you will be considered that you accept the law commitment, which specified in terms and conditions. Also private policy which HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. was established too.


Information in the website

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. reserve the right to edit or change a part of the website, or able to shut down the service at all times. Whether permanent or temporary shutdown. Advance notice is not necessary. Both information and element on the website are serve for informing data purpose to general user only. Not for recommend, research, consult or trading purpose. Please remember that user must take their own risk for using an information on HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. If user found a mistake or space neglect in some part of the website, please inform HiBalanz.co.,Ltd.


Trademark and copyright

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. is own all trademark and copyright and other component in the all pages of  website. We prohibit whether people or company to copy, adapt, store in useable system, transfer or publish information and component without writing consent from HiBalanz.co.,Ltd.



            HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website do not allow user to be under 18 years old. Which is not a target user of HiBalanz.co.,Ltd, or banned member from HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. All users are allow to have only one account. If these conditions are violated, it may lead to user account suspend.

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. may have promotion or gifts for members occasionally. In order to receive the promotion, if member or user got a reward (Reward will be, special credits, gift vulture, coupon or other extra benefits.) from HiBalanz.co.,Ltd, but register a multiple account in different names or e-mail address, including given an wrong information or doing an deceive action, will be disqualify in reward receiving from company’s activities. And may be led to legal proceedings or criminal law’s crime fee.

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website usage, users must be aware that. User must reach law’s mature age in order to make a contract with company. User must not be a service suspended individuals by Thai or other countries law. When a company stating requirements, user must give a real and correct information to HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to temporary  member suspended by the right of HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. or even abolish user’s member and reject user registration in the future. User must take responsibility alone to keep username and password in secret. User accept to take responsibilities from any activities that happened by his or her own username.


Cancellation caused by an error

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. have full power to cancel orders, if  that error comes from typing error or an unexpected error which came from mistake in product list (no matter mistake such as wrong price, details). In case if an order is cancel and HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. was already make an payment, HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. will paid back to user at full price.


Inappropriate use

              User agree to not use HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website to send or announce an information which against the law, harassment, intend to ruin reputation, rude, defame, threaten, obscene, sexually harassment, aggressive, blaspheme including filthy picture or illegal an applicable law. If user send or announce information or media above, HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. or the third person will be damaged from your information whether direct or indirect ways. User must take responsibility for all damages, including debt, damages cost and other cost which HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. or the third person are lost from this issue.


Compensation damages

              User agree to be only one that compensate damages and cost from breaking terms and conditions in services, or any other activity that relate to an neglect of user account or illegal acts. And HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. (All of company’s staff, Company manager, product producer, company branches, joint venture and legal partnership) do not need to take responsibility from compensate damages and lawyer cost from the issue.


Website usage

              HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. is not guarantee, assure or be an agent of any information on the website, which may lead to use in other countries (except Thailand). When you visit our website, we will considered that you acknowledged and already making a presence to HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. You have the right by the law in doing so and able to use information on our website.


General Provisions

             13.1 All of terms and Conditions of HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. service is absolute agreements between user who use the website and HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. Both HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. and user are not bind or show a significant to be an agent of guarantee or any contract that has not been recorded, except a special mention. Terms and Conditions in servicing of HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. is the latest version, and will be use to replace any previous version, whether a write form or an oral form. Between user and HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. which include user usage of HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website.

              13.2 HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. may change or modify this terms and conditions at all times. Please know that each times that user visit HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website you will be considered that you already accept the latest version of terms and conditions, even if the latest version of terms and conditions may not be specified, it will still be the significant and must be holding. Each times user visit HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website, must always hold a latest version of terms and conditions and it is user responsibility to visit terms and conditions page often, to know and understand the rules and condition that user have.

              13.3 A conflict between terms and conditions between previous page and this page, no matter a policy or announcement or other part of terms and conditions in special section or website standard. User must apply to terms and conditions in previous page as special issue, those conditions will be divided from these conditions and will not affect the rest of conditions.

              13.4 Disclamation is both user and company, cannot assign, transfer or give right or some part of right of user under this condition without advance written permission, except written disclamation with authorized person’s signature from authorized disclamation sector.

              13.5 Holding right HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. have the absolute right to transfer the rights or assign a copyrights and all holding contract to agent or third person or other, whether in terms of terms and conditions, service policy and other notice that will be related.

              13.6 Severability, every condition and terms and conditions, policy and any notice that are related. Whether relate by combination consider or vocabulary, will be considered as independent and separated.

If any terms and conditions of this service or announcement which is or become nullify the power of execution regardless of void, nullification.If void of this contract or part of this contract which is Illegal, unlawful, other acceptable reasons or from any jurisdiction of the court ,the leftovers of these contracts except the nullified part will fully applied.

              13.7 Applicable law in this terms and conditions are in control of Thai’s law by not consider the conflict of laws. User must agree that arguments or claims which relate to this terms and conditions will be solved by Supreme Court in Bangkok, Thailand. Moreover, user allow and accept Supreme Court’s authority in prosecution, dispute or any claims which HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. website, other terms and conditions, police or notice or information that are related may be involved.  

              13.8 Any comment or question from user about requirements, service condition, privacy policy, notice and or method that HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. use to manage user private data, please contact HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. right away.

               13.9 HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. Will not take responsibility in any damage from website’s data that has been corrupt, alter, change or edit by user, even if that damage will be illegal. HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. Will not take any responsibility for damage and any cost at all. User must proceed the responsibility process by him or herself, in order to end a claim or crime supplication.


End of use

              User must follow all of the rules and condition of service when user using HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. Website and when user register to be member, or between buying process of HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. These conditions may be change or cut off, advance notice is not necessary. Conditions about copyrights or trademarks, responsibility rejection, claims of limitation of liability, compulsory law enforcement, judgement from arbitrator will has full effective, even if some parts was canceled or already over.


Return and order cancellation 

              Order can be cancelled if user’s product is not send to user, return of product afterwards will be consider on cases. HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. Will maintain a maximum member’s benefit under the limitation that HiBalanz.co.,Ltd. have.